Whether you are selling a car or taking pictures for fun, there are some easy ways to improve your car photos just by picking the right angles.

Get Low, really low!

Most people will take photos at around head height so getting low will not only set your pictures apart but it will also make the car look more impressive.

I know when I’m taking car photos outside I’m going to be getting dirty!

Normally I take a few shots laying down with the camera on the ground or at least kneel and get as low as I can. If you have a flip screen on your camera it makes things easier!

A low angle works best when you want to exaggerate the character of a car like the example below where a Volvo has been given an off-road look.

Wide angle or telephoto lens

Your lens choice will also make a big difference to the angles you pick. Getting close to a car with a 35mm lens or wider will distort the angles which can give an interesting look while a 50mm – 85mm will give a more natural looking image similar to what you see with your eye.

I really like the look of a longer lens up to 200mm especially if the background is not ideal. With a longer lens it’s easy to hide background distractions and crop what you see around the car.